Here is a 50 question quiz on bidding.  Try to answer the name of the bid, if one exists, the meaning, whether forcing, invitational, or sign-off and whether alertable. In some cases the bid depends on what conventions you and partner are playing.  Answers tomorrow.
Here are my suggestions for you on the ten hands I presented yesterday.  What calls did you make?
Here are ten hands.  Your RHO opens. What is your bid?  Try your own defensive bidding structure first, then try the one I've outlined in the last several classes.  Answers tomorrow.
The master plan for defensive bidding, ala the author.  Compare to "Standard American."
Here are three more two-suited overcalls; two of them I recommend.
Your partner opens, and the next player makes a two suited overcall.  The nerve!  How do you overcome this interloper?
Here are my answers to the quiz.  Your answers may differ.  Send me a comment where you disagree.
Here are some hands to try.  In the next video are the answers. (Qualify that - MY answers. You might have different answers.
Here, I propose an overall defensive bidding structure and strategy.  You may agree or disagree, but here's my stand.
Top and Bottom Cue Bids, Colorful Cue Bid and Jump in Opposite Minor are other approaches to two suited overcalls.